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Mark David Hall is one of our most outstanding scholars of early America, whose many distinguished publications have argued persuasively for the crucial importance of Christianity in the flourishing of America’s experiment in ordered liberty. In Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land, he has placed at the disposal of readers the essential elements in the case he has made for Christianity’s beneficial and indispensable influence. Never has a resource been more needed than this one is today.

Wilfred M. McClay, Victor Davis Hanson Chair in Classical History and Western Civilization and Professor of History,

Hillsdale College

With so much anti-American propaganda out there, this volume by an award-winning historian is much needed. With fascinating insight into American history, he debunks many of the myths spawned by critical race theorists without soft-coating the shortcomings of America’s founders.

Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries 


A decisive, readable, and scholarly answer to the perennially debated question, "Did America Have A Christian Founding?"

Peter A. Lillback, President Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, President, The Providence Forum


Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck,
The Glenn Beck Program

A new book that everyone should have in their library.

Liz Wheeler
Liz Wheeler,
Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler

Brilliant historical research,

. . . a great read.

Eric Metaxas
Eric Metaxas,
The Eric Metaxas Show

A very 

important book.

Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro,
The Ben Shapiro Show

A good new book,

worth reading.

Sam Sorbo
Sam Sorbo,
The Sam Sorbo Podcast

A phenomenal book.

Andrew Klavan
Andrew Klavan,
The Andrew Klavan Show

A very subtle and nuanced point of view.

Steve Brown
Steve Brown,
Key Life

A great book,

. . . a must read.

Kate Dalley
Kate Dalley,
The Kate Dalley Show

What a

fantastic book!

Rich Valdes
Rich Valdes,
This is America

A fantastic book!

Jay Bruce
James Bruce,
John Brown University

You should buy Hall’s book, memorize it, and give your copy to a friend.

Tom Woods
Tom Woods,
The Tom Woods Show

I couldn't be more pleased

with this book.

Kerby Anderson
Kerby Anderson,
Point of View

Buy this book for the students in your life.


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